More About Me


I have lived in Magnolia my entire life. I attended Magnolia Elementary School, Catherine Blaine, Queen Anne High School and graduated from the University Of Washington with a degree in Marketing.  I am on the board of directors for the Magnolia Historical Society.  Prior to that I served for six years on the board of directors of the Volunteer Service League at the University Of Washington Hospital as President, Vice President and Treasurer.

I have worked in Magnolia as a Windermere Real Estate broker for sixteen years. I have the knowledge and insight in an ever changing market to guide you through the sale of your Magnolia home.  Listing your home to be sold at the highest sales price starts with understanding current market conditions and your particular situation. I can then make any recommendations for you to consider prior to going on the market.

A realtor must have a strong background in many areas: communications; certified negotiation expert; understanding home construction and systems; understanding the home inspection process; staging; communications which add value; working with multiple offers to maximize the sellers sales price; experienced expert in working through the escrow and title process to make sure the sale closes; psychology; empathy and when needed assertive aggressiveness. I feel I am very strong in all these areas and you will benefit from my experience and expertise.

Prepairing To Sell

Marketing begins with the preparation of your home. Talking is a great way to begin the process, I can learn about your current situation and expectations. Once I am able to go through your home I will prepare a market analysis using comparable sales to arrive at a suggested market value.

You may have questions regarding any preparations that may be needed before going on the market. Based on your situation we will talk about the best approach to receive the maximum sales price. I will mention the most important things to consider and also discuss items that aren’t going to be cost effective. You are fortunate to be selling in the strongest Sellers’ Market in recent times.


Staging is part of the merchandising of your home.  Staging is a science which goes beyond putting nice furniture in a home. Stagers know what attracts buyers, everything is coordinated, beginning with the style and colors inside the home then coordinating furniture, area rugs and art work to match. The layout of the furniture adjusts the flow of travel and eyesight to accent something important or to minimize it. Staging is important and I will share the cost with you.

We know how much and how fast technology is advancing all around us. Real Estate is no exception. Just a few years ago buyers did not have access to the sales price of homes. Now virtually everything that is available to brokers is available to everyone on the internet.

Photography is very important. The Northwest Multiple Listing Service allows 25 photos to be added to listings, also an unlimited number of Virtual Tour photos of much higher resolution.

When a listing becomes active on the NWMLS it is syndicated to every real estate company and real estate website that covers Seattle and the world. Buyers are looking for homes on their favorite real estate website, sometimes several times a day. Many buyers sign up to be emailed or texted the minute a home that meets their criteria comes on the market. Buyers are provided with enough information based on well written home descriptions, photos and sometimes video to motivate them to see the home in person. Decisions to purchase a home are being made sooner than many realize. That’s why photography, video, enticing marketing remarks, home preparation and staging are so important, when buyers are receiving their first impression online. If the home is as good in person as it is appears to the buyer online their decision to purchase may have already been made.

 Even old fashioned flyer boxes are important. When a buyer who is within driving distance decides they like a home they will come see it in person. A flyer is just another marketing tool speaking to them and providing information. If they like what they see, they will make arrangements to go inside.  Marketing has changed a great deal but some things haven’t changed. It is human nature to want more information even if it’s already on the internet. Buyers want to hold something in their hand that will bring them one step closer to making a decision to purchase.

Your home usually goes on the market on Thursday or Friday, I then will then hold an open house on Saturday and Sunday to the public followed by a brokers open.  In the current market, offers are usually reviewed seven days after the home goes on the market.

A recent report revealed that 26.7% of the traffic looking at my virtual tours are coming from my Facebook page, another 22% from other Facebook pages, 15.6% from YouTube, 11.1% coming from the Northwest Listing Service and 4.4% from Windermere.

I will budget a weekly amount for marketing on Facebook. On Facebook you can target precisely the buyers you are trying to reach with the depth of the profiles they have in their database. This provides the most successful results for every marketing dollar spent.

 My monthly newsletter is delivered to Magnolia home owners and owners of investment homes in Magnolia by first class mail which results in reaching the intended owner a higher percentage of the time than bulk mail or email. Currently the total being mailed out is 1,200 per month.

Follow Through

The escrow and title process can have many twists and turns to navigate. Once an offer is signed around and begins the escrow and title process it remains my highest priority until your sale closes.